Marion Robinson

Marion Robinson – Venue Kiltie


Marion took early retirement from the Civil Service, allowing her to provide care for her elderly mum with dementia. It also allows her time to volunteer at a wide range of things and make cakes……lots of cakes!

“I just want to give something back. I’ve had a very ordinary but fortunate life but for some people this is not always the case. If giving up a little of my time can help others then I’m happy to do it.

Kiltwalk walkers are raising money for children’s charities in Scotland all with the aim of helping to improve the lives of children who are maybe affected by health issues, or who live in disadvantaged areas. Being part of the support network which gets them to achieve their own personal goals and cross that Kiltwalk finishing line is truly inspiring.

As well as giving a little back I think volunteering is good for you. It can create new friendships, open up various opportunities to you and it can also develop or enhance life-skills and allow you to take those skills and knowledge into other areas of your life.”