Kiltie Roles


We have an amazing selection of roles for you to choose from this year! Here you will find some information on what each role will entail and any skills/knowledge you may require

Being a Kiltie is fantastic, you have fun, you meet new people, you get to work with a wonderful team of volunteers and staff and make money for charity. What else would you want!

Check out the video guide below on how to choose your training session and Kiltie shift.

Carnival Kilties

If you’re outgoing, motivating and love to be the centre of attention – then this role is for you!

Back Marker Kiltie

Back Marker Kilties follow the route and stay with our last walkers providing company, fun and support until every single person has crossed the line

Front Marker Kilties

A new role for 2019! Front Marker Kilties are the first to walk the course, they leave ahead of the walkers and follow the route the walkers will take!

Control Room Kilties

Do you long to be at the heart of everything Kiltwalk? Then joining the Kiltwalk as a Control Room Kiltie is just the role for you

Course Zone Kilties

Course Zone Kilties will be the people who put the Kilt into Kiltwalk!

Driver Kilties

Our Kilties behind wheels will ferry equipment and people throughout our 26 mile course for the duration of the event

Info Point Kiltie

Info Point Kilties are undoubtedly our Kilties in the know

Lead Bike Kilties

Lead the way on event day as a Lead Bike Kiltie

Lead Zone Chieftain

Are you able to look after a team of Kilties?

Pitstop Kiltie

Every Walker loves nothing more than to see a Pit Stop ahead

Venue Kiltie

Can you imagine the buzz of the Kiltwalk starting line or the party atmosphere at the finish?