Kiltie Charity Boost

Thanks to Sir Tom Hunter and The Hunter Foundation, the Kiltwalk is delighted to announce that for every hour contributed by a Kiltie volunteer, £1.40 will be donated to a charity of their choice! 

How does it work?

When Kilties sign up to volunteer they simply select a charity to support and for every hour they volunteer for a Kiltwalk event, The Hunter Foundation will contribute £1.40 to that charity or cause.

The Charity Boost Programme provides an opportunity for even more vital funds to be raised for charities and causes in Scotland. In 2017 the programme raised £3,927 for over 100 charities.

With our walkers every step, the Kilties are already the backbone of every Kiltwalk event. The programme now allows our volunteers to support and raise funds for a cause close to their heart while donating their valuable time to the events.