2018 Key Kiltie Dates

2018 Key Kiltie Dates

Pop these dates in your diary so you don’t miss any Kiltie deadlines.



Glasgow Shifts Released – 1st of April
Glasgow Application Closes – 11th of April
Glasgow Training 1 – 21st of April
Glasgow Training 2  – 24th of April
Glasgow Kiltwalk – 29th of April
Log Hours By – 29th of July



Aberdeen Shifts Released – 6th of May
Aberdeen Training – 26th of May
Aberdeen Kiltwalk – 3rd of June
Log Hours By – 3rd of September



Dundee Shifts Release – 22nd of July
Dundee Training – 11th of August
Dundee Kiltwalk – 19th of August
Log Hours By – 19th of  September



Edinburgh Shifts Released – 19th of August
Edinburgh Training 1 – 8th of September
Edinburgh Training 2 – 11th of September
Edinburgh Kiltwalk – 16th of September
Log Hours By – 16th of October


Charity Boost

Charity Donations Paid – November