Calum’s Cabin

Calum’s Cabin, Calum’s Cabin Cottage and Mountstuart are purpose built beautiful countryside retreats situated on the Isle of Bute. Designed and equipped to the highest of standards.


The self-catering accommodation offers peace and tranquillity for children suffering from cancer and cancer related diseases and their family, where the entire family can come and be “normal”, spend quality family time together, make irreplaceable special memories and recharge their batteries for what may lie ahead .

Calum’s Cabin now have flats in Glasgow for families who stay in the Highlands and Islands and have to relocate to Glasgow to have a “home from home” while their child is enduring weeks of treatment for cancer or cancer related diseases.  

For the fourth year running, we are delighted that Team Calum’s Cabin will be taking over Pit Stop 5 in Glasgow – Dalreoch. Every year, every single Glasgow Kiltwalker receives a very warm welcome from the Team and we know this year will be no different.  

Find out more about Calum’s Cabin below.

Calum Speirs

In 2006 Calum was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour only a few days after his first symptoms. Calum then began the gruelling regime of hospital living, chemotherapy and radio therapy. After sharing his experience with others, he realised how beautiful his home island was and he wanted to share it with other children suffering from cancer.

Calum died peacefully at home 13 months after his diagnoses.

Calum’s family could easily have been consumed by his loss. Instead, they went on to create a lasting memorial to their son that would benefit many other children in similar circumstances. This is Calum’s legacy, reflected in providing support to children and their families dealing with cancer.

The original cabin is in a beautiful location on St Ninian’s Bay looking over Inchmarnock and Arran. The Cabin offers families an opportunity to escape from the endless rounds of treatments and hospital visits, some families travel hundreds of miles a week getting to and from children’s cancer centres. It allows families to regroup without interference, most importantly it is a place where children can rediscover fun – there is so much for them to do inside and outside the cabin.

A look inside Calum's Cabin.
A look inside Calum's Cabin.

Ferry fares are paid for, entrance to all visitors attractions on the island are free of charge, food hampers and spending money is provided to all visiting families – many families experience financial hardship as parents are required to give up work to nurse their children.

Calum’s Cabin aims to provide an exactly perfect experience as for all visiting children – for many there will be no second chance and the happy memories generated there are priceless.

“I never knew we were broken, till Calums Cabin started mending us
I never knew peace had flown away till Bute tamed it
I couldn’t remember uncontrollable laughter until Calums Cabin took care of every detail so that anxiety melted and fear was forgotten….for a while
I never knew we had got through this till you showed us we had
Calums Cabin has showed us that we can find a way through this…..and we can heal” – A message left by just one of the families who have visited Calum’s Cabin.

How You Can Help!

Calum’s Cabin are 100% reliant on donations, gifts, fundraising events and grants.

Over the last 11 years Calum’s Cabin have provided free holidays for over 1000 families. The annual average cost to run their holiday homes is approximately £150,000

125 weeks @ £750 per week – £93,750 

100 weeks (Glasgow flats) – £50,000

(These figures do not include major maintenance projects.)

All visiting families are provided with:

  • Ferry fares.
  • Spending money
  • A welcome food hamper, including Calum’s Cabin chocolates.
  • Free entry to all activities on the Isle of Bute.

Every penny you raise with the Kiltwalk receives an extra 40% donation from Sir Tom Hunter and The Hunter Foundation.

“We would really like to send our thanks to Sir Tom, the extra 40% top up on what our walkers raise will make a huge difference to Calum’s Cabin. Every donation to Calum’s Cabin counts and allows us to continue supporting children who are going through cancer and their families, so we can’t thank Kiltwalkers enough for their support.” – Caroline Speirs, Calum’s Cabin Founder.

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You can help the Calum’s Cabin team create more special memories for children going through cancer treatment and create your own special memories when you take part in The Kiltwalk 2018 and raise funds for Calum’s Cabin. As of January 2018, out of the 130 weeks available Calum’s Cabin only had 4 weeks still available. The vast majority of visitors being new families. Those families need your help, Calum’s Cabin needs your help. Please consider walking for Calums Cabin. 

Everyone who signs up to support Calum’s Cabin, will receive a Calum’s Cabin t-shirt, hat and helium filled balloon, so you can stand out as part of Team Calum’s Cabin on the day.

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