Pit Stop Partners

Each of our Kiltwalks features six Pit Stops across the route – these are a welcome chance for our heroic walkers to stop for a well earned break, have a drink and a snack and enjoy some entertainment.

Some of our Kiltwalk Pit Stops are manned by our Pit Stop Partners – Charities and Sponsors looking to add their own unique flavour to the Kiltwalk day.

In Glasgow this year…

Our walkers will receive a warm welcome at:

Pit Stop 1: From the Beatson Team who are making their Kiltwalk debut at a Pit Stop!

Pit Stop 4: From the Glasgow Children’s Hospital Team.

Pit Stop 5From our friends Calum’s Cabin.

Pit Stop 7: From Centrestage who want you to Wander with them.

In Aberdeen…

Pit Stop 4: Team Jak are back for the second year in a row and will welcome everyone at Drumoak Playing Fields.

Pit Stop 3: Team CHAS will see you at Milton Park, Crathes.

Pit Stop 5: Alfie’s Trust are joining us at Pit Stop Partners for the first time at Peterculter.

In Dundee…

Pit Stop 4From our friends Calum’s Cabin who are back for their second event of the year! 

Keep an eye on this page to find out who else will be taking over a 2018 Pit Stop…