Pit Stop Partners

Each of our Kiltwalks features at least six Pit Stops across the route – these are a welcome chance for our heroic walkers to stop for a well earned break, have a drink and a snack and enjoy some entertainment.

Some of our Kiltwalk Pit Stops are taken over by our Pit Stop Partners – Charities and Sponsors looking to add their own unique flavour to the Kiltwalk day. If you are interested in becoming a Pit Stop Partner in 2019 – contact us. 

In Glasgow a charity took over at every single Pit Stop!

Pit Stop 1: Beatson Cancer Charity

Pit Stop 2: Finding Your Feet

Pit Stop 3: Centrestage

Pit Stop 4: CHAS

Pit Stop 5: Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity

Pit Stop 6: Calum’s Cabin

Pit Stop 7: Alzheimer Scotland

In Aberdeen…

Pit Stop 4: Team Jak

Pit Stop 5: Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity are back for their second Kiltwalk of the year.