Get Your Charity Involved

The Kiltwalk is a unique fundraising vehicle that allows all charities to receive every single penny – plus a 50% top-up*.

Raising funds for your charity or local cause is easy! And thanks to Sir Tom Hunter and the Hunter Foundation**, 150% of all the money that your supporters raise comes to you.

Benefits to your charity

  • No event costs – Getting involved in the Kiltwalk is completely free, so all of the money your supports raise goes to your charitable projects and not tied up on event costs.
  • 150% of fundraising – Kiltwalk is a powerful enabler for Scottish charities and local causes to use for fundraising. All money raised comes into the Kiltwalk and is then paid out in full to your chosen charity, as well as an extra 50% provided by The Hunter Foundation**.
  • Unrestricted funds – All fundraising made by your Kiltwalk supporters will come to you to use across any charity related project you wish.
  • Inclusive fundraising event – Kiltwalks are inclusive walking events that allow all the family to get involved. Many charities get their service users involved. See an example of how ENABLE get involved in the Kiltwalk.
  • Kiltie Charity Boost – Recommend the Kiltie volunteer programme to your network of charity volunteers and generate £1.40 for every hour they volunteer at the Kiltwalk.


How to get involved


There are lots of ways to get involved and the Kiltwalk team are here to help you. For any queries or for more information, please contact our Charity Relationship Manager, Stuart Sharp on 0141 611 7919 or email:

*Please note that the 50% fundraising boost applies up to a limit of £5,000 per walker and subject to trustee approval.

**The Hunter Foundation 50% uplift to your fundraising is funded by The Hunter Foundation (THF), supported by any profits generated by THF’s Annual Dinner.