In 2019, 25,000 Kiltwalkers helped raise £7 million for 1,302 charities all over Scotland.

Thanks to Sir Tom Hunter and The Hunter Foundation, who underwrite The Kiltwalk, all charities taking part in Kiltwalk 2020 will receive an additional 50% fundraising boost. Please note, this fundraising boost is valid up to £5,000, subject to deadline and trustee approval.

All Scottish Charities can take part – we started out putting our best feet forward for Scotland’s bravest children and have grown to support all kinds of charities from all over Scotland.

EverydayHero is the Kiltwalk’s recommended online fundraising platform. Online fundraising is collected automatically and is the quickest and easiest way to raise funds with the Kiltwalk.

Our Fundraising Model

Our model has been designed to maximise your fundraising efforts whilst making the Kiltwalk a sustainable platform for fundraising in Scotland.

All money raised by Kiltwalkers must come through the Kiltwalk before we pay out the funds to your charity as this is the only way we can gather an accurate figure on how much has collectively been raised, which is vital in order to add the 50% top-up. This also allows us to claim any eligible gift aid.

The Kiltwalk retains Gift Aid in order to make our platform sustainable and guarantee that 150% of fundraising can go to your chosen charity. Please note, that if funds do not come via the Kiltwalk, the additional 50% boost from The Hunter Foundation cannot be paid to your charity. This is part of our terms and conditions and vital to ensuring the sustainability of the Kiltwalk.

Donor Fees

The Kiltwalk is charged transaction fees by online fundraising platforms (fees vary depending on the online provider). Donors (where applicable) may be asked if they would like to cover this transaction fee. If they choose to do so, this helps to ensure the sustainability of the Kiltwalk. If donors decide not to cover the transaction fee, The Kiltwalk will cover the fee, ensuring that 100% plus the 50% top-up, goes to the fundraiser's chosen charity.

Fundraising Deadlines

Under normal circumstances, please ensure your fundraising receives the 50% boost from Sir Tom and The Hunter Foundation, please have your fundraising in by no later than two months after your chosen event.*

*Please note this year's deadlines have been brought forward to make sure our charities have access to these vital funds as soon as possible. Check the Virtual Kiltwalk Weekend event page for the latest updates.

Due to the ongoing situation, we have some updates on this year's fundraising, click here for more.

Where your money goes

How to fundraise