Calum’s Cabin

Will you walk a few miles to help children with cancer and their families? Be part of Team Calums Cabin at the Glasgow Kilkwalk 2019 and receive a hero’s welcome its dedicated Pit Stop – Pit Stop no. 4 – Tay Bridge Kiosk, Newport on Tay!


Calum’s Cabin was Calum Speirs’ idea. Brave Calum (12) from Rothesay on the Isle of Bute was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour and died peacefully at home on February 2007, only 13 months after his diagnosis. Calum’s family could easily have been consumed by his loss. Instead, they went on to create a lasting memorial to their son that would benefit many other children in similar circumstances. This is Calum’s legacy – providing time and space to make memories and giving comfort and support to children and their families living with cancer when they need it most.

Kiltwalk CEO Paul Cooney with founders Caroline and Duncan, during a visit to Calum's Cabin on Bute.

The original Calum’s Cabin was purpose-built in 2009 and is situated on the Isle of Bute in a beautiful location on St Ninian’s Bay, overlooking picturesque Inchmarnock and the Isle of Arran. Since it opened, Calum’s Cabin remains fully booked.

It was created to give children with cancer and cancer-related illnesses time away from hospital with their families to make special, irreplaceable memories. Due to growing demand, The Speirs family eagerly fundraised to open Calum’s Cabin Cottage in Rothesay as well as purchasing weeks of additional accommodation at one of Mount Stuart’s holiday cottages, Quien West to ensure the charity could support as many families as possible.

Calum’s Cabin, Cottage and Quien West offers families the opportunity to escape from the endless rounds of treatments and hospital visits that are part of their child’s cancer journey. It allows families peace and tranquillity to regroup without interference, most importantly it is a place where children can rediscover fun and simply be a child for a little while. There is so much for them to do inside and outside of Calum’s Cabin and Cottage. Ferry fares are paid for, entrance to all visitor attractions on the island are free of charge, food hampers and spending money is provided ensuring there are no barriers to any families who want to visit. Calum’s Cabin aims to provide an exactly perfect experience for all visiting children – for many there will be no second chance and the happy memories generated there are priceless.

Having had the opportunity to meet so many other families living with a cancer diagnosis and understand the ongoing challenges they face, Calum’s Cabin opened its very first Calum’s Cabin Glasgow Flat in Finnieston in February 2017 to support families travelling many miles to Glasgow for their child’s cancer treatment.

Thanks to last year’s Kiltwalkers and their incredible fundraising, they raised an astonishing £202,000 meaning the charity could buy a second flat which is now open and providing accommodation for families right now.

We are delighted to share that Calum’s Cabin have recently purchased a third flat and hope to open this to families by Summer 2019. The Glasgow Flats provide a free “home-from home” to ease the burden of mounting travel and accommodation costs and to allow families the opportunity to have a sense of normality during stressful and often exhausting cancer treatment cycles. The flats have been designed with families in mind so whether it’s simply making a favourite meal, doing the washing or watching a film as a family, Calum’s Cabin tries to think about the little things so that families can focus on the important things.

Thanks to Kiltwalkers supporting Calum's Cabin they were able to raise more than £200,000 last year.

The Kiltwalk is Calum’s Cabin’s biggest fundraising event of the year and it provides vital funds to provide everything for its visiting families in Bute and in Glasgow. Will you be part of their team this year and help them continue supporting families when they need it most?

Kiltwalkers always enjoy Calum's Cabin's Pit Stop, wherever it is on the route.

Calum’s Cabin works very hard to ensure you have the best Kiltwalk experience and it means so much to The Speirs Family to have you as part of Calum’s team to carry on his legacy. All walkers receive a Calum’s Cabin T-shirt, hat, poncho and a helium filled balloon so you can stand out as part of Team Calum’s Cabin on the day…and just wait until you reach the charity’s very own Pit Stop! We have nibbles and entertainment galore! As Kiltwalk veterans, they know how important a thank you, a hug, a snack and great atmosphere are to keep you going on the day!

Calum’s Cabin are 100% reliant on donations, gifts, fundraising events and grants. Over the last 12 years Calum’s Cabin have provided free holidays for over 1300 families.

The annual average cost to run their holiday homes is approximately £243,750 125 weeks @ £750 per week – £93,750 100 weeks (3 x Glasgow flats) – £150,000 (These figures do not include major maintenance projects.)

All visiting families are provided with:

• Ferry fares.

• Spending money

• A welcome food hamper, including Calum’s Cabin chocolates.

• Free entry to all activities on the Isle of Bute.

Don’t forget that every penny you raise with the Kiltwalk receives an extra 40% donation from Sir Tom Hunter and The Hunter Foundation. Calums Cabin will be on hand to offer any fundraising advice and support you may need as we approach the big day so please don’t hesitate to give them a call anytime. See you on Sunday, 28th April!