Where your Money Goes

140% of the money you raise will go to the charities and local causes of your choice.

We have found that each Kiltwalker – on average – raises around £175. Every penny of that fundraising goes straight to your choice of Scottish charity – plus an extra 40% donated by The Hunter Foundation. The Kiltwalk does not require you to raise a minimum amount of fundraising, so every pound you raise makes a difference.


I’ve raised lots of money, where does it go? Well, you choose the specific charities and causes you want to raise money for. So whether it’s your local playgroup or a large, well-known charity, Kiltwalk is here to help.

You have signed up and chosen to raise money for Kiltwalk itself, where does that money go? 140% of the fundraising that comes directly to the Kiltwalk will be donated to the STV Children’s Appeal where it is redistributed across hundreds of projects that help children across Scotland. 140% of the funds received by the STV Children’s Appeal go directly towards helping Scotland’s most vulnerable children.


How does it all work, though? Kiltwalks are amazing events, stretching 26 miles across cosmopolitan cities or beautiful wildernesses. There’s music, food and celebrations. We need to close roads and set up pits stops. And it all costs money.

How can we afford to put on these events AND guarantee that 140% of fundraising will go to the charities and causes of your choice?

It’s simple, really. You pay a registration fee, businesses sponsor or donate gifts-in-kind, and we retain the Gift Aid on all donations. This allows us to guarantee that the costs of the events are met, safety requirements are ensured and – most importantly – that 100% of the money you raise will go to those who need it most.

Want to know more about how we generate income?

Walker Registration Fees: There is a registration fee to take part in the Kiltwalk. The money you pay when you sign up is one of our main sources of income. We keep our registration fees as low as we can in order to make the Kiltwalk as accessible as possible.

Business Partnerships: We build positive partnerships with a range of businesses who support us through cash sponsorship or gift-in-kind donations. For example, a sponsor might provide us with free advertising space in order to publicise our Events or they might provide us with buses to transport walkers.

Gift Aid: One of the most important sources of income for the Kiltwalk is Gift Aid. Gift Aid is a mechanism that allows charities to claim back tax paid by donors to the government in addition to the sum raised for the charity. What does that actually mean? It means that for every pound you donate, the Kiltwalk can claim back 25p from the government. So when you sign up make sure you click Gift Aid, it helps us so much.

2016 marked a new era for the Kiltwalk. The Hunter Foundation has agreed to underwrite any costs for the Kiltwalk if required. This means that no money raised by our walkers will ever be taken away to help pay for our events. Sir Tom Hunter and the Hunter Foundation’s involvement guarantees a secure and sustainable future for the Kiltwalk.

In 2017, the Kiltwalk took another step forward, as The Hunter Foundation guaranteed an extra 40% of all fundraising would go to your chosen charities and causes and in 2018 – they’re doing it again!

So, although putting on an event costs money, Kiltwalk are committed to making sure that 140% of the money you raise goes to the charities and causes you care about.