How to Fundraise

We are thrilled that all Kiltwalk fundraising receives a massive 40% boost from Sir Tom and the Hunter Foundation, meaning 140% of all fundraising goes where it is needed most. But first, you need to get the fundraising started…

How do I do that!?

Don’t worry. The Kiltwalk team are here to help. There are a few little things you can do that will make a big difference.

Expose Yourself

…but not in that way. One of the best ways to gather support is by getting yourself onto social media and sharing your progress with your friends. When you sign up to the Kiltwalk in 2018 you will get an online fundraising page which you can customise with personal information. This is great because you can let your sponsors know why your cause is so important to you. The more people that know what you’re doing and why, the better.

Starting an online fundraising page

If you don’t already have a page, you can set up a fundraising page in minutes and share it on your social media pages.  So it’s time to ditch your paper fundraising form!

Top 5 online fundraising tips

  1. Set up your page early

It’s a proven fact that the earlier you set up your fundraising page the more money you raise.

  1. Set a target

It gives you and your supporters something to aim for, and again, you are likely to raise more.  You can always increase it once you’ve hit it!

  1. Personalise your page

If people know why you’re taking on the challenge they are more likely to sponsor you – so use your fundraising page and emails to let them know about your chosen charity, why you’ve chosen to fundraise for it and what it means to you.

  1. Use social media

We know from what our fundraisers tell us that promoting their fundraising page on Facebook and Twitter made a big difference to their donations.  Ask your friends to share when they’ve donated, and spread the word.

  1. Download a fundraising app

Sounds simple and it is! This not only helps you keep track of your fundraising, it also allows you to get donations while you’re on the move. 

A bit of tartan themed fancy dress never goes amiss!
A bit of tartan themed fancy dress never goes amiss!

Top 5 Creative Fundraising Ideas

  1. Design a tartan

Teacher or pupil, leader or group member, why not set your team the task of designing their own tartan and give a prize for the best one. All you need is an outline of a kilt and some pencils and pens and you’re all set… 50p per entry and the winner gets a prize.

  1. Pub Quiz

Why not have a Scottish themed pub quiz? Everyone loves a pub quiz and your local might put one on for you or, if they already have one, they may let you take it over for the night!

  1. Bake Sale

Everyone has fond memories of their granny’s home baking. So, why not cook up some tiffin, tablet, and crispy cakes? Take your colleagues down memory lane at the tea break and raise some money at the same time.

  1. Charity Race Night

Go to google, type in ‘charity race night’ and get planning. You can find everything you need to organise a successful race night fundraiser online. Get your tickets touted, racecards ready and betting slips sorted. A race night gives you lots of opportunities to raise money.

  1. Bucket Collection

Why not apply to your local authority to host a bucket collection in your area. Dress yourself in as much tartan as you can possibly manage and when people ask what on earth you’re doing, tell them “it’s for the Kiltwalk.” You may be surprised at how generous passers-by can be. Don’t get into trouble though, make sure to secure all the relevant paperwork and permissions from your council.

Have you asked your employer?

Many employers have match funding schemes available to their employees and will match what you raise. Why not ask your work if they will match your total? Even if they don’t have something official in place they may be willing to make a donation to your total.

Share your fundraising story.

Have you worked in a team and raised a lot of money for a particular cause? Have you done something particularly bold or inventive to raise money for the Kiltwalk? If so, we would love to hear your story. We want to inspire others by sharing your experiences. Please contact us at or on social media.

Keep an eye on this page for updates and fundraising tips in the future.