The Kiltwalk is a unique way to raise funds for a charity or cause you care about. 150% of every penny you raise goes to the charity you choose!

Each year thousands of walkers come together at our events all over Scotland, have an unforgettable day out and change lives. The Kiltwalk events are a powerful fundraising platform for Scotland’s charities with an incredible 150% of every penny raised* going to your selected charity.

If you choose to walk for a charity of your choice, every penny you raise, plus the 50% top up**, will go straight to them, helping those who need it most. If you choose to walk for Kiltwalk, every penny you raise, plus a donation from The Hunter Foundation will be donated to the STV Children’s Appeal, who will distribute it to projects helping children all over Scotland.

Whether you are an individual walker wanting to help or a charity wanting to turbocharge your fundraising, the Kiltwalk is here to help!

  • Individual walkers or teams – Find out about what charities you can fundraise for, read about the impact of your fundraising and find out how to add your selected charity or cause to our registration system – click here
  • Charities or local causes – Find out how your charity or local cause can get involved, how to register your charity and how to access our charity support tools – click here.

In the past, the Kiltwalk has acted as a fundraising vehicle exclusively for children’s charities in Scotland. Now we allow our walkers to fundraise for any charity in Scotland.

*Please note that the 50% top up is valid up to a limit of £5,000 per walker and trustee approval.

**The Kiltwalk is charged transaction fees on most online fundraising platforms (fee’s vary depending on the online provider). Donors (where applicable) may be asked if they would like to cover this transaction fee. If they choose to do so, this helps to ensure the sustainability of the Kiltwalk fundraising platform.