Back Marker Kiltie

Back Marker Kilties follow the route and stay with our last Walkers providing company, fun and support until every single person has crossed the line.  

The Back Marker Kiltie is also essential as they will signal to our Course Zone Kilties and Pitstop Kilties- as they pass through – that it’s time to close down and move on to their next exciting tasks. As a Back Marker Kiltie you will also be in regular radio contact with our Event Control Room (ECR) helping to ensure the whole event runs as smoothly as possible.

As part of the application process, this role requires a phone interview. Back Marker Kilties will walk either at the start or end of the route – covering half of the walk (13 Miles)

how to apply picture

Be a Kiltie is a unique experience filling you with joy and pride which stays with you forever.