Pit Stops

There are 6 pit stops across a Kiltwalk 26 Mile route, roughly every 4.5 miles. Our pit stops are like an oasis in the desert for all of our walkers, providing much needed nourishment, hydration, toilet breaks and a well-earned rest!

At each pit stop expect to find lots of water and also other beverages at select stops such as juice or an energy drink.There will always be a variety of snacks and food to keep you energised throughout your journey, with each pit stop offering different treats to keep your blood sugar and spirits up!


Expect to find a combination of fruit, chocolate, crisps, shortbread or muffins for a snack, with each pit stop providing different options.

An example of the food offer on Kiltwalk day:
  • Start:

    Water, Cereal Bar 
  • Pit Stop 1:

    Water, Shortbread, Banana
  • Pit Stop 2:

    Water, Muffin, Apple
  • Pit Stop 3:

    Water, Soup and Roll
  • Pit Stop 4:

    Water, Chocolates, Energy drink
  • Pit Stop 5:

    Water, Crisps, Apple
  • Pit Stop 6:

    Water, Cereal Bar, Banana
  • End:

    Water, Hot Meal (please exchange your hot meal vouchers for a meal at the Kiltwalk Village)

Please note that these are just examples to give you an indication of what is on offer and may vary on the day of the event.

Also please note that the food and drink at the pit stops is a boost to keep you going through the day. Bear in mind that Kiltwalk days can be long and challenging, you are after all walking a marathon! Please ensure that you bring additional food if you feel the above is not sufficient for you.


For anyone taking on the 26 Mile Mighty Stride there will be a hot food pit stop located roughly halfway through the journey. The sight of some piping hot food will certainly be a welcome one and provide the fuel and energy to continue the remainder of your journey. Hot food meal options are likely to be different at each Kiltwalk but could consist of pizza, soup and roll or pasta.

Whatever walk you are taking part in, there will always be some hot food waiting for you at the Kiltwalk Village upon crossing the finish line. You will receive a meal voucher to collect your hot meal at the end of your journey in the post as part of your Walker Pack. Please keep it safe and remember to bring it on the day!


Pit stops are not only about bathroom breaks and stocking up on food and drinks, they are also about entertainment, fun and maintaining a party atmosphere! There could be a live music act, dance troupe, DJ or brass band to keep you energised, motivated and provide those unique moments of joy throughout your day.

Some Pit Stops will be supported by a charity or sponsor, who will not only provide this entertainment but also provide knowledge and information about their charity or business.