Kiltwalk Glasgow: Registrations Moving Faster Than Ever

With plenty of time still left to sign up – our 9:00am Mighty Stride slot is already nearly at capacity!

10,000 walkers took part in 2018.

With more Kiltwalkers than ever looking to sign up for the big day in Glasgow, we ask that everyone who wants to set off on the Mighty Stride at 9:00am to sign up as soon as possible.

The 9:00am slot is filling up fast and due to demand we cannot offer Kiltwalkers the chance to move to this slot once it is full. If you are signed up for the 9:00am start and have teammates who are not signed up, but want to join you at 9:00am, please ask them to sign up now.

At the moment there is still plenty of of room in the 9:30am and 10:00am starts.

Please check out the Glasgow event page for more updates as they become available.

Standby, Glasgow, this is going to be a big one!