Team Barnardo’s

 Barnardo’s Scotland has been working in Scotland for more than a century. They now run more than 130 community-based services across Scotland. Their aim is to reach out to the most disadvantaged children, young people, families and communities to help ensure that every child has the best possible start in life.

Read Mohammad’s* story and find out why Barnardo’s need your support

Mohammed and his family have received life changing support from Barnardo's.

Mohammad is in a wheelchair and needs intensive support as he cannot move, speak, or eat by himself. He has three siblings and his Dad works very long hours so his mum, Akira, needs a lot of support on a day-to-day basis.

Previously Akira only received one hour of help each day. She had to operate a hoist to help Mohammad out of bed every time they needed to go somewhere and found having no time to spend with her husband or other children upsetting.

Her three other children couldn’t take part in extracurricular activities because Mohammad was already in bed and it was too physically exhausting for Akira to get Mohammad up and out of the house.

Kiltwalkers supporting Barnardos.

Barnardo’s advocated to the council to get Akira’s allotted time up to 19 hours per week. Care workers from Barnardo’s APNA project now come in every morning to get Mohammad up, dressed, fed and onto the school bus, and they’re there in the afternoon to meet him, get him home, and feed him again.

They also help out with bath time which means Akira can spend time with her other children and help them with homework. This relief means that the other kids can go to the mosque, homework club or cricket club.

Mohammad has also attended the play scheme APNA runs during the school holidays. The children are taken on day trips to the seaside or the cinema with all the equipment and staff needed to get them about, without the parents having to organise anything.

Akira said: “APNA has made a big, big, difference on our lives. My kids call the APNA care workers ‘the aunties’. They’re so great with them.”

You can help make sure Barnardo’s can continue to run services like their APNA project and support families like Mohammad’s when you take part in the Kiltwalk. 140% of all Kiltwalk fundraising supports the charities that you choose.

*Please note that names have been changed.