£670,000 raised for Scotland’s Charities by President Obama Dinner

Kiltwalk charities set for a minimum 40% increase in funds*

The charitable fundraising dinner hosted by the Hunter Foundation with President Barack Obama has raised £670, 000 for Scottish charities.

Funds will be allocated as follows:

  • £570,000 will be shared with all charities who have or will participate in this year’s series of Kiltwalks – equivalent to a 30% uplift in funding. Two more walks are set to take place in Dundee and Edinburgh offering more opportunity for fundraisers to take part or increase their funds already raised.
  • In addition to the £570,000, the Hunter Foundation is topping up all funds raised by Kiltwalk charities by 10% hence they will see an overall uplift of 40% to all their funds
  • £100,000 will be allocated to charities chosen by Kevin Bridges, Annie Lennox and Sharlene Spiteri in lieu of performance fees and to charities where auction prizes were shared – these funds will benefit UNICEF, Maggies Centres, the Beatson Clinic, Clic Sargeant and CHAS.

With some 400 charities – 75% children’s charities – having already walked in the Glasgow and Aberdeen Kiltwalks raising almost £1m to date, funds raised are set to soar as Scottish charities reap the Obama dinner benefits as Sir Tom Hunter, founder of the Hunter Foundation explained;

“This is a fantastic opportunity for charities across Scotland to have a great day out at the Kiltwalk, raise much needed funds and get at least a 40% boost to their fundraising!

“Personally I’d like to thank everyone who helped raise these amazing funds by supporting the Obama dinner event – it clearly shows the spirit of Scotland; we care always for those most in need in our society and believe fundamentally in opportunity for all.”

Kiltwalk’s CEO Paul Cooney said; “Kiltwalk is overwhelmed by this astonishing donation from Sir Tom and the Hunter Foundation. President Obama’s first visit to Scotland was momentous but who would have thought that £570,000 would be distributed through Kiltwalk to all the charities who take part this year. We don’t know of any other charity where if you raise £100, the charity receives £140”.

“Thank you Sir Tom, President Obama and everyone who contributed to this incredible boost for Scotland’s third sector.”

*Subject to deadline. Fundraising must be received 2 months post event to qualify for additional fundraising boost. More information on Kiltwalk fundraising deadlines can be found here.The Kiltwalk trustees reserve the right not to award the 40% additional funds.