Scheduling your training Print E-mail

After you've created your ideal training schedule, your next thought might be, "where am I going to find the time to do all this?"


You can build endurance by fitting in small walks throughout your day. Get up a little earlier in the morning and fit in a training walk before work. Walk to work. Walk on your lunch hour. On the weekends, "walk" your errands instead of driving around.


If the weather is a concern, remember that you can get going on training walks indoors or in a gym. Alternatively, you may choose to brave the elements (within reason) with weatherproof clothing and plenty of layers to keep you warm and dry.


In your enthusiasm over training, be sure to take one day off per week to rest, in order to avoid injury. When you're walking with others, don't push yourself beyond your ability. Listen to your body - and keep yourself healthy.


You may also consider including a taper period. This is a time prior to the walk when mileage decreases allowing your body to rest and rebuild. Your training schedule could have the last and longest walk three weeks prior to the Kiltwalk and decrease mileage each week until Kiltwalk day.