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The Sunday Post

The Sunday Post has been part of Scottish culture for almost 100 years.


It’s the country’s favourite family newspaper, entertaining nearly a million readers every week.

And it’s the home of the nation’s most cherished comic-strip character, Oor Wullie.


Sitting on his trademark upturned bucket, Wullie was first published in the Sunday Post on March 8, 1936, with the strapline “Oor Wullie! Your Wullie! A’body’s Wullie!” And the 10-year-old and his gang, from Auchenshoogle, have since become iconic Scottish figures.


However Wullie is often complaining he “nivver gets ony fun”, so what better way to cheer him up than ask him to front The Kiltwalk campaigns? And Michty Me! We were blown away when he agreed.


The DC Thomson favourite has swapped his signature dungarees for a kilt in his very own tartan to head up the Kiltwalk events.


And who knows, perhaps he’ll draft in his pals Soapy Soutar, Fat Boab, Wee Eck, Jeemy the mouse and Harry the dog too?


Whoever turns up, The Kiltwalk owes The Sunday Post a huge thank you for their support - and for lending us Oor Wullie.


The "Raise a £million for Oor Kids" is a clear statement of The Sunday Post's pledge to help us support Scotland's children.


And Jings! Crivvens! Help ma Boab!...we’re certain our next events are going to be cracking with them on board!


Loch Lomond Shores

Providing us with a stunning finish to our flagship event from Hampden, the team at Loch Lomond Shores are also a great help on the day, from Clare and her staff, the Jenners team, Salah and Cafe Zest and Tanny and the Kilted Skirlie.




Red McGregor

As our creative agency partner, Simon Clark and the team in Mussleburgh have been great supporters of The Kiltwalk from day one with their creative marketing flair and advice. 





Providing each Kiltwalk event with radio communications for our walker's safety.





The Kiltwalk welcomes sponsorship from Scotland's businesses.

Opportunities to support our events include:


- Headline sponsor of any single event

- Sponsor part of an event such as a pit stop or the entertainment

- Provide refreshments, equipment or staff as volunteers


Please make enquiries to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it